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Embracing New Beginnings 

And The Lifecycle Of A New Idea

Embracing New Beginnings

And The Lifecycle Of A New Idea  

This is the season of new beginnings. And so it's also a perfect time to embrace a powerful way to welcome in new desired experiences. It's inevitable, as explorers and creators, as spiritual beings, to be called toward new experiences. Just as the cycles of nature move through the spring, summer, fall and winter, so do we experience the hint of new ideas and adventures. Then if we give a seed water, it grows under the warmth of the sun, the radiant energy of our loving attention. And as we enter fall, we enter the harvest, the time of ideas now materialized. In the winter we rest in the fruits of what we've created. Just as a tree rests, in order to be born anew, in a new spring ... we too are called to rest, prior to the emergence of a new idea, new buds, new experiences. 

The cycle continues. But, in nature, there is pure allowing. Allowing the desired good to unfold, allowing the rain, and allowing the growth. 


A tree does not fight its past,

nor does it cling to it. 

We, as souls in humans bodies, can learn a lot by witnessing what nature teaches us. A tree does not fight its past, nor does it cling to it. It allows the leaves to drop. And drop they must — if there are to be new blooms and new growth. 


A new idea cannot grow if we are fighting the past, by being unhappy with where we currently are. In order to bloom and have the new experience, we allow it to come ... we welcome it. We plant and water it with a clear choice to have that new desired experience. 

The secret to change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.

- Socrates

We give that choice sun by rising up with positive expectancy as we ...

... appreciate the positive aspects of the present moment. We do not fight the unwanted elements of the past, for that would keep them active. Nor do we need to see the whole tree before we allow a branch to grow. And as we see the first fruits begin to materialize in the form of our positive emotions ... we savor them and allow them to grow because ... we realize that happiness, fun and enthusiasm are the first fruits prior to the fuller expression of our desired experiences. We see happiness as evidence that even more good is coming. And then as we enter the new "normal" we are at a higher level of thriving and understanding.


We've happily grown and evolved!


And so rest in this sense — means that now we are at a new "normal". We have become what we set out to be with the idea.

Little or no effort is needed now to maintain the status quoAnd then a new adventure calls, a new idea. Can you see that these cycles are natural? .

How long does it take for a new idea to come to fruition? 



The cycle could be a year, a day or month. The time between the choosing of a new idea, and the first and second fruits ... to the feeling of it being the "new normal" is directly related to one's ability to welcome it in. Are there dried up leaves of regret and unhappiness hindering new growth? If so, the fruits cannot come.  


Make peace with where you are, as you feed the joy of the desired new experience. This is the best use of the law of attraction, a spiritual law of cause and effect, one which governs all things. Allow your desired good to grow now.


We live in a friendly universe that is for us. As we embrace this, everything becomes a friendly experience. There's no need to fight the unwanted events of the past or the present. Just as nature happily allows growth to happen, so can we. We can allow our desired good to grow with a happy heart, wherever we may be.    

All is well.


Happy new beginnings. Happy growth. Happy harvest. Happy rest. 



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