Gift And Business Training Program 

This program is for current or aspiring service-based business owners, coaches, creatives, thought leaders, and healers who are ready to grow their business in a fulfilling and on purpose way. This is a private, customized-to-you program that gives you everything you need  to create a soul-based business that ...

  • Uses Your Unique Set Of Gifts, Skills And Experiences To

    Create A Thriving Business That Will Feed You On Every Level For Years To Come 

  • Guides You Step-by-Step​

    Through Serviced-Based Business Design That Delivers Amazing Results For Your Clients, And Leaves You Feeling Fulfilled, On Purpose And Thriving In A Way That Feeds Your Spirit And Your Bottom Line Too!

  • High Impact Results For You And Your Clients 

    I’ll Teach You Exactly How To  Create Offerings That Have Your Ideal Clients Saying, “Wow, Sign Me Up!” When You Get This Right, Your Programs, Products And Services Sell Themselves!


This is powerful training and coaching program is for you if you are ready to:

  • confidently and enthusiastically talk about the work you do 
  • consistently attract all the ideal clients you want in a way that feels great
  • discover your soul-level gifts and want to weave them into the work you do for more purpose, joy and abundance
  • break free from the limiting beliefs and perspectives that are getting in the way of growing a business that you love, love, love 
  • have your messaging, money, and mindset all working together, and in harmony with what you most want to experience in your life and business
  • create a business that fits into the lifestyle and definition of success that you genuinely want 
  • have a done-for-you website that beautifully reflects your gifts, talents and message and speaks directly to your ideal customers.
  • have a fun, easy marketing system that uses your natural strengths, so you can embrace all aspects of you business, and easily and happily grow!

This private, 1:1 program includes business and gift training, coaching, templates, online resources and more ...  so you can easily and consistently attract all the ideal clients you want, in a way that is aligned with the heart and soul of who you are.  I'll be there to guide you step-by-step too in your private coaching sessions. With a master coach and teacher by your side, you'll breakthrough whatever is stopping you, or slowing you down from creating and growing  the business you really want. This level of support is where the magic happens! 

I launched my service-based business back in 2003, and have an on-purpose lifestyle and business that I love.  You can have the schedule you want, attract all the clients you want, and you can also have multiple streams of income that you are proud of.  I've helped thousands of people do this! There's no hustling, no crazy schedules, because you are meant to happily thrive. I started this business after a 20+ year career of executive leadership positions, helping other business grow. So, I've been at this for awhile.  I know what works, and what just wastes your time and energy. If you're ready to feed your spirit and thrive in a bigger, better way — use the "Get More Details" button, and I'll send you an email with more details. 

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