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Radical Self-Acceptance

What could happen if you chose to accept every aspect of yourself without self-judgement or self-criticism? What might be possible, and how do you think you'd transform? Would you be more confident? What about self-love? You see, it's not possible to feel complete or whole if you are making yourself wrong. So, let's explore what radical self-acceptance looks like, and why it's so important if you want to live a life that honors who you truly are.

Length: 10 Minutes 43 seconds


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Can you feel whole or complete if you are judging, criticizing or rejecting any part of yourself? This may seem counter-intuitive, but we cannot have deep peace . .. if we think we have to fix ourselves. 


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When you welcome everything you've lived, it's like coming home to yourself. There are no judgments, and there's nothing to prove. What's left is you in all of your glory. 


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Elari Onawa

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I’ve been coaching and leading Life On Purpose and Self-Discovery programs since 2003. Prior to that, I led large organizations for 20+ years, helping them align with their dreams and goals. If you're ready for more purpose and joy, if you want to embrace more of who you are, and create more of what you really want ...I can help you have that!


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